Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Writes This Guy's Stuff?

The guy, Barack Obama, has brilliant writers. BRILLIANT. The script of Obama's 30-minute infomercial was impressive, tight, effective, near-perfect in content, style, and of course, delivery.

Whether you look at life through red- or blue-tinted glasses, there's no denying it: this guy has an awesome team of writers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Content is still King

So sez William Rice in September's Promo Magazine.

In his article on Web Marketing 101, Mr. Rice seems to suggest that writers are necessary, even in the all-about-eye-candy land of web design.

"FOCUS ON CONTENT" is first of the four steps he recommends to "help ensure a Web site's effectiveness."

Content is what people come looking for. And they expect much more than just words. They want links to manuals, customer testimonials or ratings, and virtual demos. Content needs to be as entertaining as it is informative.

I like this guy. Even if he does end a sentence with a preposition.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Becks Writes? Yeck.

David Beckham will lend his name to a series of children's books.

There's a lot wrong right there, in my opinion. But wait! There's more! Read the press release and you'll see the publisher isn't mentioned (they must be very proud) nor is the title of even one of his upcoming (ghostwritten) books.

And there's a typo in the press release.

Can you say, "sour grapes?" I can. Yes, I'll admit it: the celebrity-turns-children's-book-author trend really turns my stomach.