Monday, July 1, 2019

GOOD NEWS - Content Marketing is Getting More Human

GOOD NEWS! "Good" content is increasingly human, as search (and AI) are making it easier to simply talk to your prospects. And as the midsection of this e-clincher article explains, the next step is to give them reason to talk to you.

And as content marketing takes a nice step toward actual communication, it's time to reconsider the much misunderstood user generated content, or UGC.

Aside - but definitely related to content marketing - how do you feel about gated content? The marketing manager in me says "gate it!" but the information/communication-lover says, maybe not. Marketing Sherpa's 2017 article on the subject still stands up, and as of this writing, Health Catalyst, the company profiled, is still offering an unbelievable amount of very meaty, useful content - ungated.

Bottom line about content marketing: to be of value, both the content and the marketing need to be good.