Saturday, October 6, 2007

Newsletters, Sales Letters, and lots of letters

Seriously, it's a job.

When I meet someone, whether at a party or a PTO meeting, it seems the "what-do-you-do" question always comes up. And when I answer, "I'm a freelance writer," reactions vary.

The most common one is "Oh, really?" which I think means, 'Ah, so you're unemployed.'

Well, hardly. I'm much busier than I want to be. I'm not complaining, I'm explaining. When I hung out my shingle as a freelance writer more than ten years ago, I hoped I could build it into a "nice little part time job" on a schedule that would allow me to spend a lot of time with my kids. I wasn't too picky about the type of work I'd do. From newsletters and sales letters to editing some pretty dry manuals, it was all fair game.

Turns out, a lot of businesses need someone who can, and will, watch their p's and q's - and other letters - and who can meet deadlines, too.

Turns out, growing the business wasn't the hard part. Managing it on my kids' schedule is a much greater challenge. But I'm up to it.

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