Sunday, June 1, 2008

Minding My Ps and Qs and Little Else

I know I'm lucky to be a writer who has a full time job writing. I know, I know. But any job bites into one's "other" writing. Sigh.

I could turn this blog into a diatribe about glaring gaffs (the misplaced and just plain unnecessary apostrophes, for starters) but that seems rather disingenuous when I'm doing very little writing myself.

So let's agree to ignore most of those "little" errors we see - you know, the ones that highlight the offending writers' abject and utter disregard for proper language and sometimes call into question his or her very moral fiber - ahem, I said, ignore them whenever possible, but never, ever grow sloppy in our own writing. Or typing.


(That was me falling off my high horse.)

Happy reading, whatever it is, and if you're writing at all, for heaven's sake, be happy!

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