Thursday, February 4, 2010

Top Ten Signs You Need a Copywriter

10. Your website still has a "coming soon" message on the home page.  (Or on any page - "coming soon" tells the visitor "goodbye")

 9.  Your employees don't know what's going on...and it's costing you money. (A short, simple employee newsletter can increase productivity, reduce accident rates, and improve morale and retention rates.)

 8.  You found a your contract. (Better you than your client's lawyer!

 7.  You rely on the cable/radio/newspaper salesperson to write your ad copy, or...

 6. do it yourself.

 5.  You lernt all the English you needed in high school.

 4.  Your products are very unique - and you see nothing wrong with saying so. (Don't get it? see #5 again.)

 3.  You're shipping a panda overseas, or doing something else noteworthy.

 2.  You're shipping a panda overseas, but you don't have time to write a press release about it.

.....And the number-one reason that you need a copywriter....

 1.  You're reading this.   --------------------------------------------------(written by a copywriter)

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