Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Corporate Blogging vs. Hobby Blogging

SPJ member and blogger Mike Consol offers some very reasonable advice in his on-target article on blogging. Ironically or appropriately, it's only available through his LinkedIn blog site or the subscription-based magazine in which it originally appeared. (Foreshadowing the death of free content? I doubt it...but maybe....)

I like the article for what it doesn't do: namely, describe blogging as a frivolous hobby. Can be, sure. Shouldn't be, though, 'specially if you're paying someone to do it.

Corporate blogs, well-planned and professionally written, can and should:
  • increase web traffic
  • improved customer service
  • increase referrals
  • further develop your brand identity
  • personify your company's products/service
Blogging is writing, folks. Corporate blogging should be handled by professionals, not penny-per-word junk content creators.

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