Monday, August 9, 2010

Making your website work harder: FAQ pages

Think you know what belongs on your FAQ page? Of course you do - to some extent. But before you publish, reconsider from a different perspective: your users.

Notice I didn't say "customers."

Most FAQ pages have two very different audiences. One is the confused customer with a question about (or a problem with!) a product or service. The other is prospective customers.

Customers deserve answers to their frequently asked questions. FAQ pages that deliver helpful answers keep customers happy, coming back, referring their friends.

Prospects need answers to help them make decisions. How well you answer their questions is directly related to how soon you get the next sale.

Reconsider your FAQ page. Whose frequently asked questions does it answer? Does some of the information belong in a "Help" or "Getting Started" section?

Many companies use FAQ pages to sell more than to tell. Want to sell more? Tell me about it!
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