Friday, December 2, 2011

Copywriters: Good question

Thanks to Bruce Felber for sharing this article. The question I focus on is not, is advertising a respected profession, but is it a profession at all? I worry about this question because I don't want to see a rush to certification programs. Sure, many certifications indicate education has taken place or experience/success has been earned, but rarely do certifications - or any letters following a person's name - tell you anything about a person's character, abilities, or professionalism.

Writers??? Please join the discussion, here or there ->Fuel Lines: Is Advertising a Respected Profession?

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Bruce Felber, MAS said...

Great thought process. Just to inform you that my designation is MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) from promotional Products Association (PPAI)International. For 50 years PPAI has conducted a stick certification program for both CAS and MAS based on course requirements and testing. See for more information.

I do agree that having a designation just to have one is pointless, but there are great accredited programs out there that help us all become more professional. We need to sell our professions better, after all we are marketers.