Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Write it right, now.

The rules of writing are a-changin,' folks. It was true 1,000 years ago, and it still is. Relax, this isn't a philosophical diatribe about social evolution. 

Worse, perhaps. It's about communication.  

As many of us realize there are rules - gasp! yes, grammar rules - that govern texts. And many of us "of a certain age" blatantly ignore them. Most that do, I'd argue, do so out of a deplorable combination of disdain and ignorance. 

For a more lucid description of the problem, please read Arika Okrent's recent article in The Times

Now, my plea: Dear writers, please snap out of it. 

The point of writing well is that doing so helps us communicate better. Language evolves, and while in our snobbish moods (I'll admit to the occasional snit) we like to lament the "evolution" as "degradation," I think, more often than not, evolution isn't driven by laziness, it's driven by results. As in, better communication. 

Now, I hope you'll notice I didn't say "hopefully" it's driven by a need for better communication. But rather, note that I said I am hopeful. 

~Diane Stresing

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