Friday, January 24, 2014

Patient Shares Experience with Health Care, System

This is personal, and just barely related to writing. 

On breaking one's neck is a fascinating personal account of a traumatic injury. In it, a patient aptly describes how individual professional caregivers and the bigger system of healthcare affect the care process. It is not political. It juxtaposes the best of our medical system (the patient was saved by it) with the stupid holes/tangles that exist in the medical industry. It is worth a thoughtful read.

The author's experience in a trauma unit and then a rehab facility sounds almost identical to my own, nearly 10 years ago. It's confounding to think that we have fabulous medical care - the best - and yet apparently we have not improved on in a decade so many of the ridiculous man-made problems inherent in it.

And on the human interest side of things, Relman sure makes 90 look good!

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