Thursday, March 6, 2014

Content Overload!

Augh. "Fill in the blanks" storytelling. Sorry, but "Pick your story, fill in the blanks, then share it" isn't what I envision when I hear "good content."

In my opinion the problem isn't that there's a content void to fill. It's that most content isn't worth reading. And there's a lot more crap than there used to be, ergo, big ball of wax. While TheNextWeb seems to address the wrong problem (so great a need for content! so little time) generally, I think the advice it offered last month regarding managing messaging on a variety of social media channels was pretty sound.

I'll admit one of the subheads rubbed me the wrong way. IMHO, "How to max out each social network" really isn't the point.

I think marketing content overload is the problem, and I don't think it can be address with more - even better - content.

OK, better content helps. Better content appeals to more readers. But here's a crazy concept: so does better customer service. So does better product design. So much so that - hang on to your thinking caps - it can actually drive content. User-generated, believable content. Wow.

Now that's a concept worth tweeting about - don'tchathink?

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