Friday, May 27, 2011

Do You Need the Challenge of a Writing Contest?

Motivation is a mighty interesting thing, and writing contests really illustrate the point.

Will you write for food? A t-shirt? An Amazon gift card? OK. Just remember to read the rules, terms and conditions carefully (if for no other reason than some poor writer labored over them) and if the contest charges an entry fee, read them again. Carefully.

Still rarin' to go? Here, a few contests underway now:

Grate Righter, Bad Speler Contest (No I'm not kidding! This is my favorite!)
Contest closes at 12 AM CST on Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soaring Above Essay Contest (Looking for personal accounts re: overcoming obstacles)
Entries due May 31, 2011

Fiction in Five June Contest (750-1,000 words on writing prompt, given upon request)
Entries due June 6, 2011. Entry fees are due June 3. Hmmm.

Good luck and haf fun! (I'd love to see your entries for the first contest.)

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