Thursday, June 16, 2011

On paper: It looks pretty good

Enough about the death of newspapers, books, and with them, perhaps, writing. There's always a bright side, right?

I'm using a lot less paper these days. I anticipate using about half the amount of paper that I did last year (2010) when I used about 25% less than I did the year before (2009). And no, it's not because I'm working less (I've added a client and an ongoing project and last year, I wrote a book). It's because I'm getting much better at editing on screen! (Note: "better" doesn't mean perfect!)

What about you? Has your paper consumption dropped off too?

I've also found more outlets willing to reuse my paper (blank on one side), so now I take anything that doesn't have sensitive info on it to one of two local preschools.

How do you recycle or reuse your stuff? 

Do you encourage clients to include a "think before you print" message in their corporate e-mails? In marketing campaigns? 

Share your, of course.

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