Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have No Fear, Perseverance Pays Off

Writers, particularly those who write children's fiction, don't know overnight success. I think perseverance is the main ingredient that separates writers from the successful (meaning published) writers.

I'm delighted to say tomorrow's guest post -- rather, it's a ghost post, from Scary School author Derek Taylor Kent -- drives home the importance of good old-fashioned hard work and perseverance. It also delivers a few surprises.

If you write for children, and have ever felt your dedication flagging, I urge you to read it. (If you write for children, and have never felt your dedication flagging, I'd be flabbergasted.)

Derek's backstory is interesting, and I think it offer a very realistic model for today's fiction writers. While he went the traditional route (lots and lots of rejection and revision before snagging a contract with a major publisher), he also self-published. AFTER getting the contract. And although he's had some help from Major Publisher, he's also doing a good bit of marketing himself.

A review of Scary School will follow ... my 2nd-grader is thoroughly enjoying the tale now. Until then, please check back tomorrow to see Derek's ghost post, and if you're looking for a very funny, spooky, seriously-engaging chapter book for elementary school readers, consider Scary School. I'm not afraid to say, Derek's hard work really has paid off - especially for his readers!

((Thanks to Derek the Ghost for the use of this image; a writer whose perseverance paid off. I guess??)) 

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