Monday, January 28, 2013

Because They Always Ask

                What's the difference between

    a walk and a hike?

In the dictionary,      

               hike                      follows                 hijack.

That makes sense               because you can walk          almost anywhere     but        

 a hike takes you 

and literally.

                       You can turn any walk
                                                                  into a hike
by hijacking your attitude
                                          by simply changing your mind.

                 And, hiking improves your mind.
                (Seriously. There have been studies.)

What’s the difference between a walk and a hike?

                                  Walking is a mode of transportation.
                                                          Hiking is a mode of exploration.

   So ... take a hike.    

And see where it takes you.

~~~ Why not grab a local hiking guidebook
            and see where the trails take you?
Cleveland hiking guide

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