Monday, February 10, 2014

Slide Share by the Numbers

Athletes know their stats; they measure by them daily. Weight-watchers count calories. Writers live by their deadlines, and word counts.

My point is that even if you're a communicator - a "word person" - it's foolish to ignore the numbers.

The best Slideshare presentations (at least according to Slideshare) contain about 14 slides, with each slide containing about 10 words.

I struggle to be so brief!

Struggle can be good, though. So, here's the Slideshare presentation I created to drum up some interest in my newest book, Dumb Things We Say to Dogs. I welcome your comments! And, of course, you're welcome to buy the book :D

Send a message via my Dumb Things Facebook Page or on Twitter, and I'll be happy to share a discount code with you to cover the cost of shipping when you order a copy.

Looking for more tips to succeed with Slideshare? I think this is a good list:

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