Friday, January 9, 2015

OM-Yeah, Yoga is Better than Typing

The Blood-Red Pencil bloggers are responsible for one of my favorite posts ever - it's useful and healthful in addition to being clean and well-written. And, it's about yoga. Ahhh. I feel better just saying/typing that word: yo-ga.

Sitting and typing are not very good for our bodies. Take a break, stand up, adjust your monitor, take a deep breath, and find out why you need to move, and how to do it - especially if you're feeling chained to your desk.

You might also enjoy following the blog for "sharp and pointed observations about writing." (Get it?)

Hey, humor, puns and wordplay are what gets me through the day. And a little yoga, of course.

Great Lesson in Content

Because I really do love great content - and yoga - I want to share a sweet video, also good for writers, people who sit too long, and pretty much anyone with a neck:

It's got plenty of value simply as a how-to health piece. But you know I can't stop there. I have to point out that it's also a super example of content done right.

  • It's captivating (note pleasing visuals, music that enhances but doesn't overwhelm the message)
  • It's short (remember "leave 'em wanting more!")
  • It's educational.
  • It's sharable.

Well, if I stop now, I'll have time for a few poses before I getting back to, Namaste.

Don't Love Lotus Pose?

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