Friday, February 26, 2016

This'll Get Your Ghrelins Going

Word Geek in blueHere's a fact that probably won't even score you a point in Trivial Pursuit: The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words every year, but more precisely, every quarter.

For what it's worth, cis, commissurotomy and grandissimus made the list last quarter, while gherlins was added in June. Right or wrong, sciency had them all beat by more than two years.

FLOTUS, decluttering and stir-fry were some of 2015's additions that left me wondering, well, what took you so long, OED?

Curious about when a particular word became part of OED? There'a a timeline for that. The next OED new-word list will be available at the end of March.


If word games and origin stories really get your gherlins going, good - you might enjoy a trip to Lexicon Valley

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