Sunday, August 21, 2011

Children's Writer Poetry Contest

If you think you're as smart as Shel Silverstein
And your writing skills are really keen,
Go ahead and prove it -
But you better move it:
The deadline is Halloween!

And there you have it. You can enter this children's poetry writing contest with absolutely nothing to fear from me.

About the contest:
Sponsored by Children's Writer*
Free for subscribers, $15 entry fee for non-subscribers (which includes a one-year subscription to the newsletter)
Poems may be on any subject, up to 300 words, and must appeal to children
Top prize is $500 and publication
Deadline for entries: October 31, 2011
Good luck!

*Children's Writer is a newsletter of writing and publishing trends. Since I've been a subscriber, I've been impressed with its very practical advice. (Not that my children's books are winning any awards - oh wait, that's because I don't have any published children's books...yet. Well anyway, good luck!)

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