Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't like to write or type? Try dictation

Because my thumbs are slackers, I dictate most of my text messages (which is why they have so many errors...that's my story, anyway).

Having talked to my phone for so long, I'm starting to talk to my computer, too. I've resisted for years, saying I type faster than I speak. Maybe I'm coming around, or dictation is getting better, or both. Whatever. File under, 'old dog learns new trick.'

Now, I'd love to post a catch-all link so if you would like to use dictation but don't know how, you could find out what you need to know. But, like most things it's not standard; dictation is a piece of cake in some programs, and a pain in the patootie in others. No matter, really - you can probably just ask your phone how to do it.

Bonus: Another reason voice recognition is so nice for writers: if it doesn't sound right when you say it out loud, it probably won't be right when your readers see it.

(You always get your money's worth when you read this blog, don'tcha?)

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