Thursday, December 4, 2014

What to Blog about Now? Get personal

Corporate blogging is so much fun! Said very few people, ever. 

I am one of those people, however. I love to blog about and to business folks. Industrial flooring, medical procedures, business signage materials, camp administration, customer service, electronic test equipment - been there, done that. 

Having a product, a process or a promotion to talk about makes choosing a topic for your blog easy. But planning the occasional change-up post is smart; it will add interest to your blog. 

Why Get Personal in a Business Blog?

Because people run businesses. And people buy from people. 

Especially if your usual blog fodder is dry-as-toast business-to-business stuff, a personal story or anecdote can help bring your business to life for prospects and existing customers alike. 

Also, people are more apt to continue to do business with people they feel like they know, even if it's "just" an online relationship. (It's 2015. If you're still discounting online relationships, maybe you should review the science behind them.)

You might answer "what should I blog about next?" by asking yourself, what do I like to do when I'm not working? Do you coach basketball? Tie the most awesome fly-fishing knots? Volunteer at a pet shelter? It's OK to blog about it. It's even better if you can relate it to your business somehow. And, good news: that's not hard.

Consider why you do what you do (outside of work), and chances are you'll find it enhances your health and well-being, helps others, and/or boosts your creativity. Any and all of those notions are great nuggets to include in your blog.

Happy writing!

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