Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gifts for Writers

Gifts for writers? A little late, don'tcha think? Yep, if this were a list designed to sell you something for Christmas, it would be rather late. But it's not (designed to sell you anything). It's some free productivity tools for writers and other people who play word games.

I assembled these much as I usually do gifts, which is to say, haphazardly. And, they're not wrapped, because...well, trust me, it's better that way. Open them anytime.

Working alone, at home, funny things start happening. Like you talk to the dog a little more than is healthy; even think he's talking back, maybe. Good news: here's the cure. (Caffeine not included.)

Editorial Content Calendar
You need one, trust me. Or maybe you have one, but it's kinda not working any more, in which case, you need a new one. This post is chock full of the whys, wherefores and howtos. And some downloads. It just wouldn't be Christmas without downloads. < those and these > are free holiday fonts; think of them as a bonus gift :)

A Real Life! 
I know; big of me, isn't it? This is me nagging you to get away - really, far away - from your screens and keyboards and virtual streams and even the noises of a coffee shop (and other people using their screens) into the real world. Anywhere in the real world is good - please,
go there daily - and any part of the natural, unpaved, unplugged world is even better. It is a panacea, this thing they call nature. Maybe you'll enjoy it so much you'll write about it. But later. The real world deserves you - and you it - sooner.

Here's to a beautiful holiday season! 

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