Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The King Lives: Content's Gone Retro

Readers (you know, human people) overdosed on social media channels and content long ago. Marketing departments are about to figure it out.

GOOD Content is Still King

I completely agreed with the gist of an article I read on this subject last week. Unfortunately, it used a grabby but misleading headline: Content is No Longer King. Sadly, the author's very sound recommendations were cheapened by this silly tactic.

I say, content is still (has always been) King in the marketing game, but the King's robes have changed.

And the article in question supports that. The author suggests mastering 2-3 channels, and publishing two 'epic' posts a month. That's still a content management approach, folks. In fact, it's a very good approach - and 20+ years ago we called that 'Marketing Communications.' And we created it for people.

Whether it's online, printed, or read from a telemarketing script, content sells, baby. Always has, always will.

People - your standard human being types - need information to make decisions. A little emotion (humor, fear, love) gets those decisions rolling a little faster.

Hello, that's content.

Too many firms (content marketing firms and businesses of every ilk) have started spewing content just to publish regularly. Just because they think they're supposed to. Just because it's a habit.

GOOD marketing content has a purpose, and it's not "publish every Tuesday" or "keep your Twitter feed busy." Good marketing content educates, compares, promotes (a little bit) and sells.

Most small business owners know that, and a great many more knew that before online marketing made a monster out of itself. I suspect it's why a lot of small business owners (who are typically very common-sensical types) distrust content marketing in general.

I say Common Sense Content is King - so stop overdosing on marketing content and start making words work for you and your business.

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