Friday, June 3, 2016

Words & Pictures: Excellent Examples of Highly Satisfying Content

Writing = Communication. And sometimes, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Here's an example from Outbrain:

If you need to go get some donuts before you finish reading this, I'll understand. 

Outbrain is a well-funded content discovery firm that's really big on self-promotion. Not knocking it; just calling it as I see it. That said, I'm partial to a good case study. So, kudos to Outbrain. 

Content: Clever Counts! 

When writing online the current caution is "avoid being clever." Good advice, to an extent, as headers are heavily weighted content and clever headlines often don't have the right keywords and phrases to pull the SEO punch you need. But there's an exception (or two) to every rule, and today's EXCELLENT example comes from a (very clever) liquor store in Massachusetts

I completely agree with those who've said it's “the best analog Twitter feed in the world.”

There you have it - two #ExcellentExamples for the price of one! Now, enjoy those donuts or McMuffins ... but if you're reading this at work, please wash them down with a non-alcoholic beverage ;)
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